Revenue Catalyst for the Digital Media Industry


Revlyst specializes in accelerating digital revenue growth. 

Revlyst is a digital media consulting firm dedicated to accelerating the digital transformation of the media industry.  We’ve spent our careers working for innovative media and technology companies and have developed proven methods and industry relationships that will fast-track your business. We not only deliver a tailored, strategic plan to drive revenue growth, but also work alongside your team to implement the strategy and engage technology partners.



Accelerating the Digital Transformation of the Media Industry



  • Comprehensive evaluation of all digital operations
  • Detailed assessment of digital strategy and products
  • Benchmarking to industry peers

Exposure to Innovative Startups

  • Portfolio of validated, market-ready digital media technologies
  • Efficient process for product evaluation
  • Facilitate demo days

Strategic Consulting and Activation

  • Recommendations for immediate digital acceleration
  • Long-term organization and technology strategy
  • Assist in implementation of new growth opportunities

Local Angel

  • Participate in local media investment network
  • Evaluate Digital media B2B startups
  • Engage in regional demo days


We Connect Your Startup to the Media World


Revenue Strategy and
Business Development

  • Product positioning
  • Sales and pricing strategy
  • Pipeline development

Industry Exposure

  • Introductions to major media companies
  • Accelerated client engagements
  • Industry events and demo days

Access to
Strategic Investors

  • Exposure to Local Angel Network—a group of local media company investors
  • Introductions to major media corporate venture groups


Media Company Engagements


We have utilized Revlyst’s strategic consulting services for a variety of digital growth and technology initiatives and have been extremely pleased with the results.”

Randy Siegel, President,
Advance Local


Our participation in the Revlyst Local Angel Network was a positive experience… resulting in a new strategic partnership with a local media company investor.”

Tom Coburn, CEO & Co-Founder,


Revlyst was an essential partner in launching BillyPenn. Their strategic business plan and activations contributed greatly to our success.”

Jim Brady, CEO & Founder,
Spirited Media

We have expanded from one to ten countries in the last year. The US market expansion has been 2-5x faster than others thanks to Revlyst’s deep connections in the media industry. In addition to their relationships that accelerate sales, their strategic advice has been invaluable to further grow and expand our company both in the US and internationally. ”

Emanuel Viklund, CEO,



Greg Osberg

Founder & CEO

Taylor Gray

Managing Partner

Ryan Ellis

Strategic Consultant

Boris Fridman

Strategic Advisor

Howard Manus

Publisher Relations

Andrew Mok

Strategic Consultant

Ciro Scotti

Publisher Relations

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